Launching from the trailer

Picture 5 Launch trailer resized


The plane is based on a pond at a cattle ranch 2 miles from Angels Camp.



docked at the pond 2012


We share the pond with fishermen, swans, frogs, turtles, geese and duck.

Sharing the pond with anglers


taking off from the pond 2012



Pond resiszed On the pond 2012

Some of the places we fly

Lake Don Pedrolanding at the pond 2012


Some of the Place We Fly

Lake Don Pedro

Docking with the houseboats.  There is a great burger place there.  We dock right up next to it for lunch.

Lake Don Pedro houseboats 2012


New Hogan Reservoir

There are great areas to beach with picnic benches for lunch.  This reservoir has really nice campsites.  My wife and I camp there several times a year.


New Hogan Res 2012


Clear Lake

Clear Lake has an annual splash in put on by the Sea Plane Pilots Association.  This is one of the largest sea plane splash ins in California.  Features sea plane rides, static displays, food and fun for the whole family.


clearlake splash in resized 2012

 Lake Donnell

 This is one of the high altitude destinations.  It is located on the South Fork of the Stanislaus River about 4500 feet.

 lake donnell 2012










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  1. Hello,

    I just called you and left 2 messages so when you get a chance could you answer the following for me? As I mentioned, am looking to get some time in with you, I’m recent to this area and have been looking to get back into the air- it’s been a few years for me (20?…) and don’t expect to re-up my currency but possibly. I’m getting old and feeble and this has been a long time I’ve wanted to do this. Myself and being current are a long way off.
    Just wondering what a ticket would be or at the least get some time in now that I have the funds and some dollars – since that’s what makes really makes the thing fly.
    My number (916)470-8696. My name is Megan, 52, and look forward to the info.
    Thanks so much. And, if you don’t have the plane or are having an annual or something-is there another seaplane somewhere close by?

  2. Can sport pilots fly qualified sport a/c on floats? If not do you offer some type of intro to floatplane dual by the hour. Live nearby in Copperopolis.

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